Dante Alighieri

La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri Con varie Annotazioni, e copiosi Rami adornata... Venice, Antonio Zatta, 1757. [Together with:] Id. Prose, e rime liriche edite, ed inedite di Dante Alighieri con copiose ed erudite aggiunte, Siccome dalla premessa Prefazione apparisce. Tomo quarto. Parte prima [- seconda].

Venice, Antonio Zatta, 1757-1758.

Five parts in five volumes, large 4° (310 x 222 mm).

Vol. 1: [16], XLVIII, CCCCVIII pages. Title-page printed in red and black with at the center an engraved allegorical vignette. With forty-one full-page plates, at the beginning of each Canto, engraved by Giuliano Giampiccoli, Antonio Zuliani and Giacomo Leonardis after drawings by Francesco Fontebasso, Gaetano Zompini, Michele Schiavone, Filippo Rizzo, Bartolomeo Crivellari, Gaspare Diziani and Giovanni Magnini, which depicts: Dante's embassy to the Doge; portrait of Elizaveta Petrovna, empress of Russia; dedication poem by Zatta to the empress; series of medals with Dante's portrait from the collection of Count Gianmaria Mazzucchelli from Brescia; medallion portrait of Dante; Dante's grave in Ravenna; thirty-four plates,; Profilo, pianta, e misure dell'Inferno di Dante secondo lo schema di Antonio Manetti. At the beginning of each Canto is the the engraved Argument whitin an elaborated frame.

Vol. 2: CCCCXIII, [3] pages. With thirty-three engraved plates at the opening of each Canto.
Vol. 3: CCCCLII, [8], 103, [1] pages. With thirty-three engraved plates at the opening of each Canto.
Vol. 4: XII, 408 pages. With four engraved plates.
Vol. 5: [4], 264, LXXXIV pages. With one folded engraved table (400 x 266 mm) containing Dante's family tree and three engraved plates.

Contemporary English calf gilt, spine gilt with five raised bands and labels with gilt title and volume numbering, marbled edges, flyleaves in papier caillouté (spine and joint repaired). Small stains and slight undulation of the paper due to the binder on the outer margin of the title-page in vol. III. On vol. IV small round paper flaw on the frontispiece, title-page and following leaf.

Provenance: John Skottonve Esqr (ex-libris); Livio Ambrogio collection.

A deluxe copy on strong paper with the plates printed in different colors. Of the 114 plates, 27 are in red, 61 in black, 26 in green or blue. The engraved borders are always printed in black as in the regular copies because the engraving also include the decorated initial and the first three verses of the each Canto. On the half-title verso is the notice to the binders. The price for ordinary copies has not been printed as usual at the end of the first and second volume, while in the third volume the price printed on last leaf verso, after the subscribers list, is present but has been promptly erased.